1818 - Testfall Lafayette
Test Case Lafayette
H.G. Francis

Atlan and Gucky fly with the RICO into the Haluta system to inform Icho Tolot about the latest developments. Tolot has been for twenty years now on Halut. In this time he has designed and built his new spaceship, the HALUTA II. The ship is two hundred ninety meters long, ninety meters wide and eighty-five meters high and represents the most current state of Halutian technology. But due to his age the Haluter shows all the signs of an approaching pressure urge that he tries to suppress with all his means. Only the philosopher Taro Phontes makes it clear to him that the pressure urge is a part of the Halutian way of life, which also applies to a cell activator bearer.

Tolot learns about the large hedgehog ship fleet in the Halo of the Milky Way from his two guests. In addition, the Viperides have in the meantime supposedly already occupied twenty-three planets which cannot be landed on anymore due to the Tangle fields. The RICO and the HALUTA II with Tolot and Gucky aboard fly to Lafayette in the Collore system. Due to the breaking out pressure urge the Haluter attacks two hedgehog ships and ends up in the sphere of influence of the Tangle-Scans. Gucky instinctively thereupon teleports together with Tolot to Lafayette. While the mousebeaver stands entirely under the spell of the Tangle radiation, the Haluter is protected by his planning brain against its effects. He is able to take out his pressure urge in battle against monstrous animals which are driven from the marshes by the Tangle-Scan. Meanwhile the HALUTA II is retrieved by Atlan with the RICO.

Meanwhile, Joseph Broussard Jr., Pepe and the robot Bunny reach the edge of the capital Swamp City with the captured Gazkar Gemba. Bunny is discovered during a short investigation in the city by Gazkars and is destroyed. When Gemba shortly falls again into his seemingly state of rigor mortis, the Beausoleil goes alone into the city to procure foodstuffs for himself and Pepe. He observes how the population of the city is rounded up in its big buildings. They behave completely apathetically, only showing a certain anxiety near the Alazar tree like beings. When Broussard returns to Pepe, he comes upon Tolot and Gucky. The mousebeaver speaks about having to follow the "call". Without the Haluter being able to prevent it, Gucky teleports shortly afterwards to Swamp City. Icho Tolot follows him and finds Gucky in one of the buildings there. He is able to paralyze the mousebeaver and bring him back to the Beausoleil and his companions. From now on he constantly keeps the mousebeaver unconscious.

A short time later Tolot manages to awaken Gemba from his stiffness with a gas recovered from a wrecked enemy ship and the Gazkar reports that the other Gazkars, Neezers and Alazars are waiting now for the Eloundars, who will bring the valuable material Vivoc. Then it will be determined whether the “Lafayette test case” is successful.

Cedric Beust 2008-10-24

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