1817 - Krieger der Gazkar
Warriors of the Gazkar
Susan Schwartz

On January 1, 1289 NGE a fleet of the Gazkars appears in the Collore System over Lafayette. The Gazkars are 1.5-meter tall, beetle-like creatures of a steel-blue color. They walk upright and possesses a characteristic back-pattern as well as red compound eyes. The two pairs of arms, of which the upper is smaller than the lower, have three gripping-tools at their disposal in each case. A crown on the forward inclined head symbolizes the rank of the respective individual. The less spikes of at most 17 on the crown means the higher the position. The Gazkars are part of an ethnic community; their more distant members are the Neezers, the Alazars, and the Eloundars. This community explores and surveys new worlds (Neezers) that is defended by the Gazkars, if they are populated with suitable resonance-givers. Afterwards, a fine tuning of the resonance-ground takes place (Alazars) and finally the "sacred" Eloundars appear, which bring the vivoc material.

The ZYKK-A, a vessel of the fleet, is shot down during the approach to Lafayette by LFT ships. Some Gazkars succeed in the escape during this in rescue-capsules that sink quickly down to the planet's surface that is mostly swamp. As the Beausoleil Joseph Broussard jr. with his companion Pepe and the robot Bunny, who are still on their way to Swamp City, arrive at one of the sites of the crash, they find the badly injured commander of the ZYKK-A, who commits ritual suicide with the staff-like Fekett before their eyes.

The next day the three refugees come upon the second survivor of the crash, a Gazka with the name of Gemba. This stands for Gem-Ba-Am-Kor-Vech-Tol, which is a code-name rather than a name. So one can determine from the name, for example, that Gemba was born on the planet Amkrir, a world of the resonance-giving Vecharer in the Tolkander galaxy. Gemba is on his first mission and thus has all 17 spikes as well. He doesn't see the Beausoleil and his companions as a threat but as an "association" a different word for resonance-material that he has to supply the Neezers. He is captured at that time, however, when he tries to overpower the group.

Broussard and his companions continue the on their way to Swamp City with their prisoner, that feels his captivity as a humiliation and increasingly suffers under the separation from his kindred. The robot Bunny succeeds at this time in interpreting the Gazkar language for the most part, so that they learn some things about the Gazkar and about Gemba's ethnic community. After a few days the Gazkar puts itself into an apparently dead stiffness. He does not awaken from this until the group approaches Swamp City. The city is surrounding by an odor network of the Neezers that Gemba perceives. It turns out that these odor-networks alone allow the Gazkars to orient themselves in unknown areas. The subsequent escape-attempt of the Gazkar can be prevented, and the refugees finally reach Swamp City on January 9, 1289 NGE.

Translated from a summary in German found at Perrypedia.com.

Denis Menard 2010-01-26

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