1816 - Hüter der Glückseligkeit
The Bliss Guardian
Peter Terrid

The Zentrifaal A Ostamul leads Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull to a faulty dish robot. This had been hit by a flash of some kind some time ago and afterwards had been retrieved by the Zentrifaal. The two cell activator bearers are able to repair the Syntronic of the machine and fly into the bunker with it. It turns out that the bunkers are storerooms and the workshop of the dish robots. They are found by the manlike Andro-guardian Szuker which is 1.85 meters tall and disposes of blue skin and a face without a nose. His features seem to be sad in a strange way.

Rhodan and Bull flee before Szuker and end up in the core city HEART FIVE. This seems to be completely abandoned, but is obviously well maintained. The Terrans penetrate into some buildings of the city and end up in different simulations that seem to show an echo of the respective earlier inhabitants. They are captivated by the illusions but finally tracked down by Szuker and the Andro-guardian discovers the Passantum around Rhodan’s wrist. He supplies the two companions with small translators and bids them welcome in the core city as friends of Ce Rhioton. Szuker explains the conditions on Galorn: the inhabitants of the under-cities are actually unwanted there because they could disturb the consecration of this place. But the ethics of the Galorns forbids the Andro-guardian from applying force against the inhabitants.

Rhodan is able to convince the Andro-guardian as to the fact that he and Bull are on their way on and important mission, and Szuker gives them a data crystal that should facilitate their orientation in the galaxy Plantagoo. It also has the coordinates of the location from which the last known radio message was sent by Ce Rhioton. When the Terrans want to enter the " Field of the Writings “ in the center of the core city, an approximately eight hundred meter field with hundreds of inscribed twelve to twenty meter high pillars, made from a silvery material and with a seventy meter thick shaft in the middle of them, they are hindered by Szuker in it because this would break a taboo.

Meanwhile Foremon proceeds again to HEART FIVE, after he tried in the under-cities in vain to capture or kill Rhodan and Bull. A stub ship lands, just as he is almost able to stop the two refugees with the basalt dust in the core city. With the help of a tractor ray a Galorne is transferred into the pillar field, who clearly wants to commit suicide. The being is two meters tall and possesses blue skin. The Galorne dies in some kind of light show, and it sets of a bliss beneficiation with it. Under the influence of the beneficiation Foremon loses the trail of the two Terrans who are able to thereupon flee into the under-city and leave Galorn with the help of A Ostamuls in the CHIIZ.

When Foremon comes upon Szuker, he is able to convince him that Rhodan and Bull are murderers. The Andro-guardian thereupon releases the "dragon" to support Foremon. It is an almost forty meter high and twenty meter thick, egg-shaped body which rises from the center shaft of the Field of the Writings.

Cedric Beust 2008-10-24

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