1815 - Rätselwelt Galorn
Puzzle World Galorn
Peter Terrid

When Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull have reached the plateau, their chronometers indicate November 3, 1288 NGE. On the high plateau lies the city Gaalo, which consists of five parts. In the middle, on an approximately forty meter high platform is the core city HEART FIVE. This is separated from the surrounded suburbs NORTH ONE, EAST TWO, SOUTH THREE AND WEST by an also forty meter high wall. When the two cell activator bearers reach WEST FOUR through the beginning sour tasting snowfall, they must recognize that the suburbs are slums which consist of half-decayed buildings and inhabited by a multiplicity of different races. Dish shaped robots care for a low level of basic care with food and miniature stoves.

Rhodan and Bull first come upon humanoid Mocksgergers. These possess a yellowish skin, wide noses, mouths without lips and greenish chewing gums. Part of their body language is an intense body odor which varies according to their state of mind. The Krooghs on the contrary are small furry beings with a larger number of small limbs in the bottom of their body. With their pointed snout and two black eyes they resemble Earth rats. The Kroogh are able to join several individuals together into a Grand Kroogh, which then disposes of a raised potential in power and intelligence. The bodies of the Tasch Ter, who come from the planet Tasch-Term on the Westside of the galaxy Plantagoo, remind one of a rotten tree trunk. This blunt body contains a hollow channel which hides four mobile arms and sensing and articulation organs. The whole body is carried by a network of crossing muscle fibers which end in four feet similar to suckers. The Zentrifaal are humanoid living beings which have multiple spinal columns, a wide torso and rubbery skin. Instead of eyes, the face has a ten centimeter long and two centimeter wide viewing band. Its mouth is a crack in the chin area. While the right hand possesses seven fingers with sharp nails, the left has the form of a box. On account of their dark clothes and their bright skin, the Zentrifaals remind of angels of death.

After they learn the first words of the lingua franca of Plantagoo, Goo standard, from some Mocksgergers, they save a clan leader of the Zentrifaal, named A-Ostamul from the attack by the Grand Kroogh Lyskun. A-Ostamul sees himself indebted to Rhodan and Bull and promises them the procurement of a passage off Galorn. In addition, he supplies the two Terrans with information about this world. The Galorns had emigrated there long ago and left behind an Andro-guardian. With the feared Shifting, he ensures that disturbances do not last for long in the suburbs. Most of the inhabitants, nevertheless, stay there to experience the so-called happiness reduction that occurs with the landing of the stub shaped spaceships.

Rhodan and Bull are most interested in reaching the core city, and are therefore brought by A-Ostamul and his adherents to a bunker on the border between NORTH ONE and HEART FIVE. At this moment a stub shaped ship starts its landing and the luck reduction starts. All living beings – including the two cell activator bearers - are frozen in place in the sphere of influence of the happiness reduction, by a feeling of perfect happiness where they have no desire for anything more.

Meanwhile Foremon arrives with the elevator in the core city HEART FIVE. He descends to the nearest suburb and meets two Tasch Ter Man there. These submit to him immediately and address him as "noble" or » fragile divinity «.

jerry schneiderman 2007-12-16

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