1814 - Unter dem Galornenstern
Under Galorn's Star
Robert Feldhoff

After they cross the Bridge to Infinity, Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bull leave the mushroom cathedral there and appear in a dead and cold rocky desert. In the distance a plateau is recognizable from which a stubby shaped spaceship launches. With an investigation of the nearby surroundings the two Terrans bump into a being that looks like a crystallized skeleton.

The being carries the name Foremon and is the guard of the mushroom cathedral. His task consists of that and escorting incoming passengers from the mushroom cathedral to the “elevator” to the city Gaalo on the plateau. Foremon is approximately 1.60 meters tall and an albino. The eyes of the noseless head, reminding one of a skull, are protected by wide bone bulges. The guard possesses remarkably large ears with which he can absorb solar energy from the sun Galorn’s Star, which is in the galaxy Plantagoo. Foremon has been guard of the mushroom cathedral of Galorn, as the planet is named, for centuries and possesses the ability of Morphing. With this it is possible for him to transform the basalt of the rocky desert as he wishes. With the help of this talent he has created himself the so-called stone child, an approximately thirty centimeters tall pseudo-entity, which resembles a hare. Foremon is convinced that the passengers who use the mushroom cathedral and with it the Bridge to Infinity are responsible for the peace existing in the galaxies. In his view the progress of history rests on the shoulders of these admirable creatures. He is particularly reverential towards To Gethen, the Second Envoy of Thoregon, and Ce Rhioton, his successor.

Communication between the two cell activators and Foremon does not come about, because when the guard sees the Passantum of the Fourth Envoy of Thoregon on Rhodan’s arm, he assumes that the two Terrans have murdered him in order to gain possession of the bracelet. Foremon thereupon covers the mushroom cathedral with a layer of basalt to hinder Rhodan and Bull from escaping. The two friends try to clear away the basalt layer with laborious labor. However, they fail, because Foremon closes the occurred openings again immediately.

Subsequently the guard decides to execute the two supposed murderers. However, they manage to escape Foremon’s attacks, destroying stone child in the process and escape in the direction of the mountain where they observed the launching spaceship. Foremon stays behind at first, strongly drained by the attacks.

At the foot of the mountain Rhodan and Bull bump into narrow strips of jungle. There they are able to find food and water and produce primitive climbing equipment for themselves from various materials. The ascent turns out to be extremely difficult. In particular, the increasing cold makes it hard for the two Terrans to work. However, finally, they reach the ice-cold plateau at two thousand meters of height.

Meanwhile Foremon regains his force over the day. From a distance he observes the ascent of the two strangers and makes his way to the elevator, which brings him from the foot of the mountain directly to Gaalo.

Jerry Schneiderman 2007-09-05

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