1811 - Konferenz der Galaktiker
Conference of the Galactics
H.G. Francis

In spite of all the precautionary measures taken, the Terran colonial world Lavorre is occupied by hedgehog ships. Because this shows the danger of the foreign intruders, the First Terran Paola Daschmagan calls up a crisis meeting in Terrania to obtain a state of martial law in the LFT.

Meanwhile on December 23, 1288 NGE Ferrol is attacked by hedgehog ships. This is the first attack on one of the central worlds of the Galacticum. The attack is a politically critical incident in the form of an exploding research center. They were carrying out research in this center with dangerous poisons, which were considered necessary by the Ferones because the First Terran had rejected the delivery of certain scientific data. The Ferrone Kendix, who is the delegate sent to the galactic conference on the hedgehog ship crisis in the Humanidrom, therefore holds Paola Daschmagan personally responsible for the incident.

The Arkonide Voge von Tissaque has an abysmal hate for the cell activator bearers, because they are almost completely protected by their cell activator chips against diseases, while his beloved sister Alyschja must suffer from a deadly infection. When he stops aboard a disk spaceship from the Raglund Forum, which is on its way together with thirty-nine other ships to the Unither colonial world Corono in the Araaquammpe system, he uses the opportunity to spread rumors that the immortals were behind the attacks with the Tangle radiation. Corono is threatened by a fleet of hedgehog ships which can easily destroy the group of ships. Only Voge von Tissaque and Alyschja can escape the destruction in a sloop.

With the sloop the brother and sister reach the planet Vona, which belongs to the Crystal Empire. There they meet the leader of the Arkonide delegation for the galactic conference, Rossom von Atalaya, who agrees to have Alyschja healed of her illness. However, in return Rossom requires Voge to commit an assassination attempt on Atlan’s life. He accepts this and received a surgically augmented right hand.

Finally, on December 27, 1288 NGE the conference in the Humanidrom begins. It appears that the tears within the Galacticum are very deep and manifests itself in mutual accusations and constant distrust. The Arkonide delegation feels it as an affront that Hermon von Ariga, a condemned terrorist, is in the retinue of the Atlan. Atlan just manages to finish reporting on the knowledge gained from the examination of the hedgehog ship wreck and call the Galacticum to cooperate, in view of the crisis, before the conference is disturbed by an incident. The Ferrone Kendix tries to humble Paola Daschmagan by publicly spraying her with a dye, but unintentionally hits Rossom von Atalaya. This leads chaos in the conference. During the excitement Voge von Tissaque tries to execute his assassination attempt, but is shot down. Because the Arkonide delegation - followed by other participants – then leave the conference, it is completely broken off, a failure.

Meanwhile, on the border to the Milky Way halo, five thousand four hundred light years away from the Humanidrom, the arrival of then thousand hedgehog ships are observed by of a LFT patrol. The ENDEAVOR is the only one of three patrol ships that can escape into hyperspace from the hedgehog ships.

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