181 - Gefangen in Zentral-City
Prisoners in Central City
William Voltz

Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Reginald Bell, Melbar Kasom and André Noir are brought before Iratio Hondro, the dictator of the Terran Colony Plophos. Hondro, who happens to be the bearer of a cell activator, reproaches Rhodan in regards to his dictatorial behavior towards the colonies. André Noir receives the same drug that the dictator injects into his most important collaborators. The mutant must receive an antidote every four weeks in order to survive. The prisoners are brought to Greendoor, a world of jungles and a secret industrial planet of the Plophosians.

On 10 October 2328 the five prisoners escape from Central-City, the capital city of Greendoor, through underground channels. The city must continually fight against the encroaching jungle. Rhodan and the others fight through the jungle and make use of the Drenhols, a plant that is halfway intelligent and can run on its roots. In order to control them, the Drenhols are hypnotized by Noir. Al Jiggers, the dictator's agent, follows the runaways and recaptures them. Only Melbar Kasom evades capture and remains free.

During this time, the absence of Rhodan, Atlan and Bell makes itself felt throughout the United Imperium. Colonies separate themselves from the Earth, the Akonides cooperate with the Blues and the Springers take advantage of the newborn conflicts by smuggling weapons.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-08

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