1804 - Kampf ums ‹berleben
Battle For Survival
Arndt Ellmer

Myles Kantor visits Kallia Nedrun, who is still in a coma on Mimas. His mother Enza Mansoor, which had for many years cared for her sonís unconscious wife, had died in a laboratory accident in 1219 NGE.

Meanwhile, on Trokan new tears form in the planetís crust. With three thousand spaceships the Terrans strive to work against the eruptions by producing release valves for the magma and helping bring the Herreach to safe zones. These people behave apathetically or heedlessly, because their conception of the world threatens to break due to devastations caused by the giant Schimbaa and their missing god Kummerog.

The astronaut Donder Pereira, who lost her son and husband with the fall of the POLYAMID, tries to save a Herreach by tightening her SERUN around it, and is killed by its mate. In Kummerogís Temple the LFT scientists discover that all the aggregates inside have disintegrated into a dark dust.

Since the study of the drill head makes no progress, Cistolo Khan permits that a sloop from the GILGAMESCH to land on Trokan. The GILGAMESCH I, a one thousand meter large pentagonal dodecahedron, separates from the main ship and lands with Perry Rhodan, Reginald Bull and Alaska Saedelaere beside the PAPERMOON. The Camelot scientists determine first that the distortions of the Megaon wave have faded away completely, and then discover that under Kummerogís Temple is a six meter large, hollow object, that had hidden its existence from the LFT measuring equipment.

Its molecularly highly compressed covering can be opened only with special welding sets. Inside the chamber a flat, honeycombed object is recognizable, which begins to shine, when Rhodan approaches. The immortal comes completely under the spell of the honeycomb and hears the mental message: "the column is opened. Please keep a safe distance." At the last moment Khan manages to pull Rhodan the chamber. Kummerogís Temple breaks apart and a silvery, mushroom-shaped object pushes itself from the soil, whose cap sits on a ninety-nine meter long handle, of which sixty-six meters remains hidden under Trokanís surface. As the egg before it, the object is hidden from all LFT measuring instruments. As a result, they register energy like the explosion of a fusion bomb, but the mushroom shaped object remains visually unchanged.

In a trance, Rhodan begins to paint strange figures into the sand. When three LFT scientists try on the morning of October 28, 1288 NGE to open the wall of the mushroom shaped object with integrators of Camelot origin they are destroyed in a burst of fire. Immediately after it Rhodan, followed by Bull and Saedelaere, walk towards the mysterious object, as if compelled by something, and penetrates the wall without any trouble.

While the three cell activator bearers remain missing, a one and a half meter tall, curled up being with black, cracked skin falls out from the mushroom. It possesses a shoulder width of a meter, bowed legs and a round head with two completely white eyes. The flat nose exhibits three nostrils. The mouth is lipless and has only six individually standing, light yellow sharp teeth. One of the arms ends in a large hand with two fingers and two thumbs. The other hand seems to have been amputated with a burning hot object. Before the being loses consciousness, it spits out the word "Kummerog". At the same time, on Mimas, Kallia Nedrun shows signs of waking up form her coma, which has lasted for the last seventy-six years.

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