1803 - Der Riese Schimbaa
The Giant Schimbaa
Hubert Haensel

While Bruno Drenderbaum looks for them, in order to prevent further unauthorized transmissions from Trokan, Gloom Bechner, Sibyll Norden and Mirco Adasta follow the trail of devastation, which the shape, which had emerged before their eyes leaves behind itself.

The reporters arrive in a cave system underneath the city Moond, in which the Free Breathers, Herreach who fight the Cleros rule, keep themselves hidden. In their prayers the Free Breathers are stronger than the priests, so that already small groups can bring about manifestations. However, they are not as well controlled in their shapes, the dwarf Palomin, multiform Brodik, many-bodied Gretra or the giant Schimbaa, for whose formation the shared trance of five thousand Heereach is normally necessary.

In order to divert Drenderbaum from his group, Bechner arranges for the Free Breather Tak Takkar to transport a small portable transmitter from Moond on the railway out of the city. Meanwhile the scientists of the PAPERMOON begin their investigation of the screen field, which surrounds the drill head, and Presto Go, the highest Kuender, ensures that a steady stream of pilgrims flow into Moond.

Gia de Moleon communicates to Cistolo Khan over radio that the unknown term Megaon wave might be able to be attributed to the young scientist Attaca Meganon, who disappeared in 1251 NGE in a Camelot recruiting office on Olympus.

Meanwhile, in Trokan’s crust the new temperature conditions lead to tectonic strains, which unload themselves on October 15, 1288 NGE in its first quake. At the same time atmospheric turbulence forms cyclones, in spite of the low atmospheric pressure on the new fourth planet. The almost one hundred fifty million Herreach that populate Trokan, are nearly helplessly delivered to the unusual forces of nature.

Although Bechner states in a new broadcast, that the activity of the PAPERMOON’s crew before Kummerogs temple is robbing the praying Herreach of their space t o pray in and is destroying their cultural inheritance, the First Terran Paola Daschmagan rejects Khan’s demand to forbid the broadcasts of the TNR.

Gen Triokod, an important leader of the Free Breathers, arrives at Moond’s rail station and is protected from assassins by Bechner and his two coworkers. Snowstorms sweep over Moond. Due to his reports on the Free Breathers, Drenderbaum agrees that the journalist Bechner can be there, when the men and women with Thooker, the chief scientists of the PAPERMOON gradually takes down the screen field around Kummerog’s temple on October twentieth.

At the same time two thousand Free Breathers create the twelve meter large, Heereach similar shape of the giant Schimbaa, which breaks through the remainders of the five-dimensional screen and, followed by Cistolo Khan and Myles Kantor, penetrates the nineteen meter high and seventeen meter broad opening in the drill head shaped object.

The enormous of shape Schimbaa causes devastating destruction inside the temple, whose delicate structures Kantor associates with neural cross-linkages, but disappears finally, after an earthquake kills many of the two thousand Free Breathers. The immortals in the GILGAMESH pursue the events on Trokan helplessly through the TNR transmissions…

jerry schneiderman 2006-02-17

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