1802 - Stiefkinder der Sonne
Stepchildren of the Sun
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan asks Cistolo Khan for permission to land on Trokan and mentions that distortions of five-dimensional space in the range of the Megaon wave had brought the new fourth planet of the Sol system to the attention of him and his companions. Although he values the immortals because of their service to mankind and his personal integrity, the LFT Commissioner rejects Rhodan’s request, particularly since the cell activator bearer refuses to give any information about the GILGAMESCH or Camelot.

Meanwhile, small spaceships from the numerous Terran broadcasting stations collect themselves around the GILGAMESCH. While the First Terrestrial Network (FTN) tries to discredit Perry Rhodan with references to the events with the spindle beings, the consequences for the Milky Way of the Hangay transfer , the rule of the Larens and misunderstandings around the OLD MAN, the Terrania News Report (TNR) presents the immortals in a particularly positive light.

On the hunt for a sensational story, TNR reporter Gloom Bechner and his coworkers Sibyll Norden and Mirco Adasta use their Space Jet PERSIA to try to fly into an air-lock of the GILGAMESCH. The three journalists have the impression that their jet penetrates the hull of the giant ship and then dissolves, but then they appear again after a period of unconsciousness with their boat outside of the mysterious penta-dodecahedron.

In their greed for sensational news some stations spread the rumor that Rhodan and Khan have allied themselves with the Ayindi, which smuggled Trokan as a Trojan horse into the Sol system and intend an invasion. This results in the LFT commissioner bolting the area around the GILGAMESCH. Myles Kantor, who Khan asks about the unfamiliar Megaon wave, pushes in vain to let a ship's boat from the GILGAMESCH land on Trokan.

The PERSIA secretly follows Khan’s PAPERMOON to Trokan and lands in the evening of October 12, 1288 NGE on the planet declared as a restricted area. Cistolo Khan and Bruno Drenderbaum take up contact with the Herreach and learn from Godar, whose shyness of the strangers is the smallest, that due to a prophecy the inhabitants of Trokan regard the drill head surrounded by a Paratron like screen as Kummerog’s temple .

Meanwhile Gloom Bechner, Sibyll Norden and Mirco Adasta investigate the Herreach city at night and find themselves witnesses to puzzling phenomena. After they have finally sent their report on the new inhabitants of the Sol system, the " Stepchildren of the Sun ", the reporters observe how a three meter form with unbelievingly long arms materializes.

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