1801 - Die Herreach
The Herreach
Robert Feldhoff

We return to the year 1222 and learn what has been happening on Trokan within the time-lapse field …

The drill head, which breaks through the surface of Trokan on September 15, 1222 NGE, keeps expanding in size by repeatedly unfolding itself. The multidimensional process, which produced the metal cone, gradually slows down. After it achieves its final size of eight hundred meters, an opening appears on its tip and an amputated and burned hand with two fingers and two thumbs is ejected onto the ground. The bacteria contained in it form the starting point of an evolution, from which after two hundred and forty-five million years the Kherrah evolve. Development around the drill head is pursued and affected by the machine, according to Kummerog’s programming.

On the escape before the large, four meter long, feared, black Gnostes the stone age pair of nomads Hlalada and Edegon run to the drill head, which has the color of bright sandstone. Since a voice requests the two Kherrah to wait, the drill head receives the designation "the speaking mountain".

When the Kherrah, who gradually take on the name Herrach, start establishing homes, they settle around the Speaking Mountain avoided by the Gnostes and form the village of Moond. Herrach are two meter tall beings with two arms and two legs, whose body form leads to a strange stalking gait. Their body surface is hairless and gives a nearly transparent impression. A thick bone plate on the upper half of the head protects the brain. A nasal organ, which can be blown up and expresses mood, dominates the face with its slanted, green eyes.

When Moond reaches one thousand inhabitants, the Speaking Mountain gives the Herrach the prophecy: "Kummerog is the God, which waits behind the gates of the temple. The gates will open, and the God Kummerog will walk through the gate." Later Ankelvieeg, the last Gnoste, kills the last Herrach king, Kirk, after a long confrontation.

The name Herrach changes to Herreach. After the one thousandth building is established in Moond, Collie, a descendant of Kirk’s, is the first Herreach to hear the complete prophecy: "Kummerog is the god, which waits behind the gates of the temple to be released by the Herreach. And when in the distant future the Herreach have advanced far enough, the door will open and the god Kummerog will come to them through the gate. Then the sky will open, and a shining bright half and a dark half will appear. "

Dedicating themselves to the study of their god Kummerog, the Herreach form a new caste, the Cleros. Their head is the highest Kuender. A Herreach named Dourmel succeeds in managing to steer large groups of Herreach praying before the temple so that their combined concentration forms the manifestation of a giant shape, which is called Schimbaa after a legendary giant. In vain the Herreach strive for many centuries to open the temple mountain with Schimbaa’s assistance.

The philosopher Szonkar discovers the fact that the Herreach live on a spherical body and develops the theory that all matter consists of tiny spherical particles. Szonkar cannot explain the pervasive cloudy streaks in the sky. His disputed concept that in the bright half, of which the prophecy speaks, countless inhabited worlds exist, become known as Szonkar doctrine.

The attempt generations later by Prudd Hon to penetrate the temple of Kummerog with the help of an enormous steam hammer fails. Meanwhile, on the Norrfa Plain, one thousand kilometers removed from Moond, a partial manifestation of Schimbaa opens the entrance to an underground labyrinth. Its visitors are confronted with the mental projection of a two and a half meters large black being and the term "A-JIN-DI".

During the investigation of the mysterious facilities there the Herreach, during the term of office of the Kuender Presto Go, release an enormous six-dimensional shock wave, which destroys the Norffa Plain and prematurely activates programming in the drill head. The temporal shield is brought down, and Trokan returns to the standard universe. After a life in constant dusk the Herreach experience the brightness of day and the darkness of night for the first time in their existence. In the temple mountain of Kummerog an opening develops, which is, however, locked with a deadly energy screen.

Then one day a gigantic spherical object descends from the sky and lands by the temple...

Jerry Schneiderman 2006-02-06

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