1800 - Zeitraffer
Time Lapse
Robert Feldhoff

On September 15, 1222 NGE the detection ship POLYAMID registers that a cavity is being formed under the surface of Trokan, the new fourth planet in the Sol system, during an artificially steered process. Geo Sheremdoc and Boris Siankow observe, how a thirty centimeter large, drilling head like object projects from the crust of the planet and rapidly extends to a height of one thousand eighty-nine meters and a diameter of four hundred one hundred-nine meters. A five-dimensional wave front shakes the solar system, and the lapse of time begins to accelerate on Trokan. The POLYAMID, with which Sheremdoc and Siankow penetrate into the Strangeness field of the puzzling planet, explodes killing everyone onboard.

Perry Rhodan and the other immortals returning to the Milky Way on October 1 of the same year are met with a wave of reserved rejection from Terra. They are not thanked for fact that they bring along a screen field projector, which can free the Imprint victims of the Milky Way from their insanity. Only Myles Kantor, whose scientific authority is needed for the study of the time field around Trokan, is welcomed.

Kantor, whose lover Kallia Nedrun has been in a coma on Mimas since the incident with the spindle beings, takes up work together with Benito Grink. In a dream Kantor sees how a gigantic slit-eyed, reptilian being from space reaches with its claw hands for Trokan. On November 1, NATHAN is able to supply the first snapshot of the planet, which had been screened from sight by its faster than light rotation under the time-lapse field. The scientists recognize that on the planet is undergoing geological changes at high speed.

Meanwhile a commission of the League of Free Terrans, led by Gia de Moleon decides that the BASIS is no longer repair worthy. The carrier ship steeped in history is finally sold in the year 1229 NGE to a consortium, which makes it a casino over the planet Stifterman III.

For their search for the "Bridge to Infinity", the cell activator bearers acquire the one hundred and fifty meter long, lens-shaped spaceship BOOMERANG, which launches on its first expedition on December 31, 1222 NGE with Perry Rhodan, Reginald Bull, Alaska Saedelaere, Gucky and the Vandemar twins.

On February 12, 1223 NGE Koka Szari Misonanís competitor, the Plophoser Buddcio Grigor is selected as the First Terran, by the inhabitants of the seven hundred and eleven systems of the LFT with a large majority. Grigor publicizes a policy of strength and demarcation in relation to the other nations of the Milky Way and the complete transfer of the Cosmic Hanse into the property of the LFT. The Hanse HQ becomes the new seat of the Terran government.

Nationalistic movements also gain power on Arkon. Within a short time more than ten thousand worlds come under the control of the Arkonide Crystal Imperium, where Atlanís former lover Theta of Ariga becomes the first Imperatrice. In reaction to the increasing power struggles of Terra and Arkon, the Akones, Antis and the non-humanoid races of the Milky Way create a loose, third union, which is called the Ragland Forum after the planet of their first meeting. The Galacticum, which succeeded only imperfectly in the decades after the Monos era to work against deep controversies and smoldering conflicts increasingly loses influence.

Not the least in order to keep the immortals out of his way, Grigor continues to finance the unsuccessfully running flights of the BOOMERANG. The cell activator bearers had undertaken their search first in Fornax, where the Galactic Guardians, the "thousand armed Kraken" is consolidating the basis of its future power.

In the year 1235 NGE Rhodan and his companions however secretly begin Project Camelot, the creation of an independent small power block. By the organization Taxit, a group of clever dealmakers, Homer G. Adams procures money and spaceships. While Perry Rhodan, Reginald Bull, Atlan and Gucky advance the project, Ronald Tekener, Dao Lin H'ay, Julian Tifflor and the Vandemar twins ensure by numerous actions that the public reputation of the immortals is enhanced. Icho Tolot maintains contacts to the Raglund Forum. Although he works officially on the investigation of the time-lapse phenomenon, Kantor also secretly supports the Camelot project. Ronald Tekener and Dao Lin H'ay withdraw themselves however to M-33 and Hangay soon after, and Julian Tifflor and Michael Rhodan disappear without a trace in the year 1238 NGE on a secret mission in Fornax. Their space jet GRINDEX is found by the remaining immortals, abandoned but completely intact. Atlan, who is implicated in some unknown manner in the death of Theta of Arigas, creates the underground organization IPRASA, in order to brake a further expansion of the Crystal Imperium, at whose head stands the Imperator Bostich as a puppet of his backers. Tifflorís former lover Nia Selegris dies, and Adam's friend of many years Serena leaves him, because she cannot bear aging at the side of her immortal partner any longer.

In the year 1240 NGE Perry Rhodan says good-bye to the old painter Johnny, who he had made friends with by his residence on Goshun Lake, and leaves the Earth with the remaining cell activator bearers. Gia de Moleon tries in vain to follow the trail of the immortals for many years. Of them, only Kantor remains in the Sol system and observes the racing progression of evolution on Trokan.

After a Hanse caravan states the fact on September 1, 1255 NGE that the entire population of the planet Siga disappeared without a trace takes, the LFT takes over Gladorís star as protectorate, in order to protect the abandoned planets from the access of the Crystal Imperium or the Raglund Forum.

The Tower is built at the edge of Terrania, the ninety-eight floors deep into the ground headquarters of the Terran League Service, the new secret service of the LFT, whose leadership Gia de Moleon assumes in the year 1262. At the same time new heavily armed space stations are built in the Sol system with facilities to secure the solar system with a Paratron screen, and Kantor is convinced that they are working in addition on an anti-temporal tidal field.

Camelot gradually becomes mythic in the Milky Way. On the legendary planet the immortals and their aides decide to build the GILGAMESCH, a completely new type of spaceship. Its core is the five hundred meter diameter, twenty-angled central module MERLIN, at whose twelve pentagonal exterior surfaces twelve docking elements can be coupled. Since each of them is one thousand meters long and resembles the central module in its form, the GILGAMESCH overall results in a pentagonal dodecahedron with a diameter of two thousand five hundred meters.

By an inconspicuous, mysterious way Rhodan recruits highly qualified coworkers for Project Camelot from secured offices on Terra, Olymp and other important worlds. Among these workers belong the Ertruser spaceship commander Kalle Esprot, the five-D mathematician Medina Obeck, the hyperphysicist Borran Skarros and his brother Cerron, a spaceship designer, the implant surgeon Dr. Julio Mangana and the Koko-interpreter Gernot Blume, who is needed for the contra-computer of the MERLIN.

In the year 1278 NGE, Grigors successor Medros Eavan is defeated in a new election for the office of the First Terran by Paola Daschmagan, who shows wise restraint in comparison to the showy displays of power by her two predecessors. The new First Terran appoints the mighty Cistolo Khan as LFT commissioner on September 4, 1280 NGE. His flagship is the eight hundred meter diameter PAPERMOON, the first of a set of sixty spherical battleships ordered by Sheremdoc. Khan makes the inconspicuous Empath Bruno Drenderbaum, who prevented on January 12, 1281 NGE that the LFT planet Stogg in the Stoggos system becoming the center of a conflict between free industrial planets interested in the Howalgonium of the distant world and the Ara descendants settling in its neighborhood of the Raglund Forum, his assistant.

On October 22,1286 NGE, the GILGAMESCH grabs attention for the first time, by striking a dozen Arkonide cruisers which want to take over the mining industry of the asteroid Gruvtrav, in the protection of a highly effective virtual blinder, which produces perfect detection image copies of the ship.

At the beginning of the following year, Kantorís attempt to penetrate the time lapse field around Trokan with the experimental ship PLICKER in the protection of a mini ATF fails. NATHANís photographs show that a city developed around the drill head object. On October 12,1288 NGE an explosion takes place on Trokan, releasing four and five dimensional energies, after which the time lapse field swiftly dissolves. While it was up, two hundred fifty million years of relative time had elapsed. Just as quickly, the GILGAMESH appears on the edge of the Soar System.

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