180 - Der gnadenlose Gegner
The Unmerciful Opponent
William Voltz

The prisoners aboard the Khrest are unaware of their origin. The hypnotist André Noir interrogates them on 4 October 2328 and learns that they have come from the planet Plophos in the Eugaul system. This planet was colonized by Terrans around three hundred years before. The Khrest is attacked by the spherical vessels of the Plophosians and is forced to crash land on the surface of an unknown planet. The few survivors are pursued. Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Reginald Bell, Melbar Kasom and André Noir are captured by the Plophosians in the name of the dictator of Plophos. The Plophosians completely destroy the Khrest and transmit a fake distress call blaming the destruction of the Khrest on an attack by the Blues.

On 8 October 2328 the Terran vessel, Moravia, discovers the wreckage of the Khrest. It quickly becomes apparent that Rhodan, Atlan and Bell are not among the dead.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-07

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