179 - Notlandung auf Beauly II
Emergency Landing on Beauly II
K.H. Scheer

Perry Rhodan and Atlan, accompanied by Melbar Kasom, meet on 12 August 2328 aboard a small spacecraft at a secret location near the center of the Milky Way in order to discuss the destruction of the Galactic Alliance after the end of the Blues War.

The Khrest, that waits in the neighboring Beauly system, sends an SOS. Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Kasom land on the second planet of the Beauly system. Rhodan and Kasom quickly fall victim to a strange radiation, that, by acting on the brain, gradually causes its victims to loose all memory and intelligence. In short, they revert back into a more primitive state. Atlan remains unaffected. Atlan and his companions manage to get closer the Khrest, helped by the indigenous victims of the radiation. After seven weeks they reach the vessel that has by then been abandoned by the crew. All the members of the crew have lost their intelligence and have become savages. With a space jet of the Khrest, Atlan goes to the moon of the planet and destroys the emitter of the radiation.

When the Khrest lands on the Moon (after the return of all memory and intelligence to the crew), three unknown men of obvious Terran origin are captured in the station. The Khrest informs the Earth and remains in orbit.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-04

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