178 - Die Todeskandidaten von Akon
The Death Candidates from Akon
Kurt Mahr

While not having been directly involved in the war against the Blues, the Akonides still feel an irrational fear towards the molkex. They put into play a risky plan to rid themselves of the molkex forever by destroying Tombstone, the planet of the Shreckworms. The Akonide Admiral, Themul Paiin, is charged with the execution of the plan. He recruits three Akonides condemned to death: the scientist Ak-Ther Chaans and the traffickers Kerim Chmals and Adans. These convicts are sent aboard a small spacecraft to the planet Tombstone while an Akonide fleet commanded by Paiin carries out transition after transition to divert the attention of the Terran Fleet.

The three condemned men try to escape the control of Themul Paiin, an arrogant man, but they are unsuccessful and are forced to carry out their deadly mission to completion. Several Arkon bombs are placed on the surface of Tombstone but once they begin to explode, the Akonides are forced to destroy their antigrav to escape the wrath of Themul.

A Terran vessel, the Akolus, is destroyed by one of the bombs while transporting a Schreckworm to the surface of Tombstone. The only three survivors from the Akolus flee before the nuclear fire that ravages the planet. They end up meeting the Akonides and, together, repair the small Akonide spacecraft making it spaceworthy once again. Taking advantage of the energy liberated by the atomic inferno, they undertake a launch from Tombstone and join the fleet of Themul Paiin. The Akonide fleet is attacked by a Terran fleet but the small Akonide spacecraft joins with the Akonide flagship. The Terrans secure the Akonide vessel. Its crew is disembarked while the three Akonidese and the three Terrans wait for the situation to calm down so they can go home and bring Themul Paiin to Akonide justice.

And, during this time, the planet Tombstone fully disintegrates and disappears for good.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-04

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