177 - Der Untergang des 2. Imperiums
The Downfall of the Second Imperium
Clark Darlton

In order to finally defeat the danger posed by Gatas, a group of mutants is assembled to transform the underground reserves of molkex on the planet Gatas into neo-molkex. The mutants go aboard a captured Blue's discoid shaped cruiser. On 28 April 2328, the captured Blue’s vessel, baptized the "Disk", simulates a wreck after a false attack by the Khrest, the new flagship of the Solar Fleet. The Disk lands on the central world of the Gatasians. The mutants penetrate underground to where the reserves of molkex are located, place anti-molkex bombs, and escape on the Disk. After the simultaneous explosion of all the bombs, the surface of the planet is raised by the "drive effect" of the neo-molkex. The neo-molkex disappears into space.

On 10 May 2328, the Council of Gatas concludes a treaty of peace with the Earth.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-03

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