176 - In letzter Minute
In the Last Minute
Kurt Brand

The fleet of the Gatasians begins its attack on star cluster M-13. The Great Counsel of Akon promises a hundred planets to the Blues if they treat Akon as a neutral power that is separate from the United Imperium.

The flagship Eric Manoli must land on Giungla, a world covered with jungles. The crew escapes in the lifeboats but, at the time of the shipwreck, the Hornterrors that were brought on board in the Labio system escape as well. Rhodan's plan works as the Hornterrors begin to transform the planet and produce molkex.

The group of researchers led by Tyll Leyden are successful with the hoped for transformation of the B hormone. When the Donar brings the survivors of the Eric Manoli and five million tons of molkex back to the Earth, the efficiency of the new weapon can be demonstrated.

The invasion of the Blues in M-13 is stopped thanks to the anti-molkex bombs. However, the synthetic B hormone is then revealed as unstable after a certain period of time. The construction of ten thousand micro-hypertrons by the micro-technicians of Siga allows the B hormone of the anti-molkex bombs to be constantly radiated and thereby stabilized. Without the defense of its molkex armor, the fleet of the Blues is defeated and forced to flee.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-02

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