175 - Wettlauf gegen die Zeit
Race Against Time
Kurt Brand

The chemical components of the B hormone can be synthesized on Aralon but the artificial B hormone misses the paraphysical properties of the original. A workgroup which is led by Tyll Leyden and the Arra, Pa-Done, try to treat the artificial B hormone with the radiation of a hypertron to get the release of the four-dimensional impulses needed to modify the molkex. The lack of molkex threatens to stop the research.

In January 2328 the Terran ship, Babota, must get the molkex on a planet populated by Hornterrors in the Labio system but it is shot down by the Blues.

A group of Antis betrays the coordinates of many of the worlds of the United Imperium to the Gatasians. The Akonides also play with the idea of becoming allies of the Blues. An invasion of invulnerable molkex vessels threatens the empire.

The Terran flagship, Eric Manoli, saves the survivors of the Babota but can not take the molkex aboard because of the presence of the Gatasians. At the time of the rescue action, Perry Rhodan allows eight Hornterrors to be brought aboard in order to place them on a particular planet. He has the vessel destroyed while hoping to save the crew with the lifeboats.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-02

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