174 - Die Panzerbrecher
The Armor-Breakers
William Voltz

On 25 November 2327, a group of Terrans and Shreckworms are sent to the planet Tauta, ravaged by Hornterrors, in the Vagrat system to try the new anti-molkex rockets. The Shreckworms call the Blues by hyperimpulses. Believing they have forgotten a Shreckworm on Tauta a Blues vessel lands on the planet. The Terrans fire at it with rockets containing a solution of hydrogen peroxide stabilized with the B hormone. The vessel's armor of molkex dissolves and gathers itself together. This newly transformed material, named neo-molkex, takes off from the planet's surface and accelerates in the direction of the galactic center. This phenomenon is named the "drive effect". After heavy fighting, the Terrans succeed in defeating the crew of the Blues vessel.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-02

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