173 - Unternehmen Nautilus
Enterprise Nautilus
K.H. Scheer

In October 2327 an Arkonide Robot-Cruiser is shot down above Gatas. It falls into the sea and releases the submarine Nautilus which is very difficult to track because of its chemical propellant. The crew's mission is to recover the men of the Luvinno and to find out how the Blues treat the molkex. With this knowledge they will be able to develop a weapon against the indestructible armor.

Lemy Danger and Melbar Kasom discover that in order to shape the molkex it is necessary to utilize a solution of concentrated hydrogen peroxide consolidated with the B hormone (Hormone Baby), a substance produced by the Blues' children. Their dependence on the molkex forced the Blues to encourage a strong fertility that then led to their thirst for expansion.

The theft of the B hormone attracts the attention of the Blues. The men of the Luvinno and the Nautilus are able to escape to the station ESS-1 by transmitter.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-01

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