1703 - Todesbezirk der Abruse
Death Zone Of The Abruse
Peter Terrid

The ODIN is unable to get rid of the ten Ayindi vessels that are pursuing it. In a final attempt to escape from the Ayindis, the ODIN hides in the corona of the giant red sun Shufman in the Vee cluster. Thanks to the "virtual creator", the Terran vessel finally escapes the attacks of the Ayindis who, through the explosion of the virtual copy of the Terran spacecraft, believe they have destroyed the real ODIN. The ODIN continues its trip to the rendezvous point at the planet Thyssan and arrives in a sector where no radio or astronautic activity is detected though the processes developed by Tyll Leyden thousands of years before which would seem to indicate that there should be several inhabited worlds within the immediate vicinity. When the ODIN reaches Thyssan, a crystalline vessel of eight hundred meters of diameter appears. The mysterious spacecraft looks like a giant snowflake. Bell sees the itch of the old scar on his thumb as a bad omen. He is right. The syntronic computer, the power stations and the technical devices explode without visible attack from the snowflake. The ODIN is forced to crash-land on Thyssan. Only 346 of the five hundred crew members survive the wreck on the planet which is covered with crystalline structures. Pucky detects skeletal creatures which appear to be made from crystal.

Alaska Saedelaere, persuaded that Mo´ra is responsible for the fate of the ODIN, wants the STYX to leave for Thyssan but due to the danger posed by the space occupied by the Abruse, the Ayindis refuse to pursue the flight. On 28 November 1216, Philip appears in the STYX after making the jump from the ODIN and informs them about the wreck of the ODIN. He is proof that the Abruse doesn't affect the Galactics contrary to the inhabitants of the Arresum. Perry Rhodan asks Philip to inform the BASE so that the ATLANTIS can bring the crew of the ODIN back into the Parresum before the expiration of the fifty days. In spite of his fear, the Ennox agrees to jump from the Aariam System to the BASE via the planet Noman.

Michael Mahoney 2017-10-22

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