1702 - Jagd auf die STYX
Hunt For The STYX
Horst Hoffmann

Having escaped after two days from their pursuers, Mo´ra heads toward the rendezvous point agreed to with the ODIN. This rendezvous point is the planet Thyssan, which is two million light-years from Aariam. Having been educated in her youth on this school world, she hopes to recover her memories. However, two hundred thousand light-years from her goal, the warrior must admit that Thyssan has fallen into the deadly zone of the Abruse, a power which annihilates all life in the Arresum. The Abruse recreates life in a degenerate form and, at the same time, takes in more and more of the life zone of the Ayindis. This life zone has shrunk from five million light-years to three over the past two million years. The Barayen, a humanoid race allied with Mo´ra's people, have disappeared. While the crew of the ODIN unwittingly flies toward disaster, Mo´ra retreats onto the school world Baloo, the second planet of the sun Shiriaan. Perry Rhodan and his companions discover that the Ayindi children are already prepared for action in the near term and are gathered close to the front in ten thousand Ayindi vessels. Ten children recruits, women like all Ayindis, seize the STYX but they are defeated easily by Mo´ra. The STYX leaves for Hoyloon, the unique planet of a white dwarf, which was at one time forbidden. A powerful fortress has been built there over the past two million years. Mo´ra shows to the Galactics that every individual of the Ayindi civilization is educated entirely for the survival fight and the research of weapons against the crystalline death. Two million years ago, her people, fleeing before the Abruse, used the passage worlds in order to find in the Parresum a new life space. The surprise arrival of several Ayindi ships interrupts the explanations of Mo´ra. The warrior opposes their demand to leave the planet Hoyloon which is also threatened by the hordes of the Abruse. The Ayindi insist that Mo´ra submit. She agrees and finally gets an opportunity to justify herself. She declares to her fellow Ayindis (as well as Perry Rhodan and his companions) that she cannot remove her strange hair, because it is her hair that allowed her to survive two million years in the Parresum. The Ayindis accept her explanations and escort the STYX out of the Hoyloon system.

On November 15, the day when the ODIN must reach the zone of the Abruse, Mo´ra announces to the Galactics that the assault of the Ayindis in the Parresum two million years ago ended because all Ayindis who stayed more than fifty days on the other side of the universe died. She assures Rhodan and Atlan that they will be able to return in time into the Parresum. Meanwhile, Iaguul declares to Rhodan that the ODIN doesn't exist anymore.

Michael Mahoney 2017-10-20

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