1701 - Die Ayindi
The Ayindi
Peter Griese

While comparing the universe to a Moebius strip, Moïra explains to the Galactics that their present representation of the universe is incomplete. In addition to the space that the Galactics are familiar with, there also exists a second face to the universe (spacetime) that the people of Moïra, the Ayindi, calls the Arresum. The other side where the Galactics come from is called the Parresum. Where there are celestial bodies in the Parresum, the space is empty in the Arresum. On the other hand, the domain of the Arresum that corresponds to the Great Void is an area filled with important clusters of galaxies. The explanation of Moïra brings new light on the psi faculties of the Vandemar sisters. While making the H5 explode, Moïra transformed the Sampler worlds into passage worlds and created twenty-one passageways into the Arresum from the Parresum. The central planet Charon has been projected into the Arresum. As all objects and living beings pass from the Arresum to the Parresum and vice versa, they receive a negative strangenss. The passage worlds of the Arresum are all in the system of the sun Aariam, the central system of the Ayindis. To the surprise of Moïra, the Aariam System possesses a belt of asteroids. The warrior doesn't remember the destruction of the old eighth planet. She states that the planet Charon was brought into the Parresum in the distant past and at that time it lost its sun (thus, the reason why it is known as the Dark World).

The warrior is appalled by the reserve and the distrust of the other Ayindis. Only their completely bare skulls differentiate them from her.

The Ennox on board of the BASE discover that most Sampler Worlds turned into dead deserts. The persons responsible for the BASE observe the emergence of a gigantic prism spacecraft in the Daffish System over the planet Noman. It is endowed with negative strangeness. When they activate a hyperdim resonator, the hyperphysicien Emmanuel Beyssel and his assistant Vedat Osman arrive inside the prism vessel in a semi-material state. After the dissolution of the outside cover of the prism vessel, it frees a hundred vessels which look like the STYX. Praepono Théan, the commander of the fleet of the Damurial, immediately attacks the Ayindi, who are their ancient hated enemy. The theans' spacecraft, which are ten times superior in number, seriously threaten the Ayindis.

The presence of the BASE in the Daffish System and the arrival of Beyssel and Osman in the Prism spacecraft are for Iaguul, the Coordinator in Chief of the Ayindis, an indication of the desertion of Moïra. The ODIN and the STYX are forced to flee the Aariam System and separate in order to shake off their Ayindi pursuers.

Michael Mahoney 2017-10-18

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