1700 - M÷bius
Robert Feldhoff

On 16 September 1216 NGE, the STYX is under way for the planet Charon. Alaska Saedelaere lets Mo´ra submit Mila and Nadja Vandemar to a radiation that will be used to study their psionic faculties. Mila learns painfully to exercise the mirror vision in the presence of Nadja. At the same time, psi powers are detected in her sister.

The following day, the STYX lands on the dark world Charon. The fourteen spindle (prism) natures penetrate into the sea of ice and have visions of their birth worlds. Only Five and Ten can identify theirs, Downunder and Nomen. They take Voltago with them because only he can bring them into their domains. Mo´ra integrates herself as the coordinator into the cybernetic connection. The STYX finally leaves for the Monochrome World and Mo´ra gives information on her past.

More than two million years ago, a vessel from the universe of the Ayindi,, the Arresum, arrives very close to the Great Void. The many races of this region mistrust the strangers and attack them but the Ayindi annihilate ten thousand vessels before retreating. When many more Ayindis follow to see the marvels that for a long time have been lost in the Arresum, other battles take place. The many races from the side of the Great Void form an alliance, the Tanxtuunra (the alliance of the one thousand galaxies, although it has at a maximum only one hundred galaxies). The battles accelerate the technological development of the civilizations of the Tanxtuunra. For examples, spacecraft the size of a planet are constructed but they are all victims of the dark fields of the Ayindis. During the millennial long war, the Tanxtuunra discovers that the Ayindis, whose homeland is supposed to be in the middle of the Great Void, emerge at precise points - the twenty-one passage worlds (also known as the Sampler Planets). The people of the Tanxtuunra attack the Ayindi vessels while leaving these worlds. The Ayindi undertake a campaign of extinction to hold the alliance at a distance from the passage worlds. Quidor, first knight of the Tanxtuunra, surrounds all the passage worlds and uses the weapons of the Porleyters. They seem to cause the defeat of the Ayindis after a delay of fifty days but the Ayindis drag back with them the real reasons for their defeat. They deposit twenty-one spindle natures on the passage worlds and twenty-one segments on Charon. Anyone who can decipher the enigma of the spindle (prism) creatures can find the trail to the Ayindis and call them. Quidor removes all trace of the bitter fight for the passage worlds but refuses to destroy them, for fear to recall the invaders.

Mo´ra tells Perry Rhodan and his companions that Quidor annihilated all life on the second planet of the sun Zraan in order to punish its inhabitants. These offered him a second life and immortality. Saedelaere explains the numerous inconsistencies in Mo´ra's narrations are due to a constant manipulation of her memories.

On September 27, Voltago says farewell to Rhodan and brings the spindle (prism) natures onto their worlds of birth by way of the door in the Valley of the Colors on Sampler World Eighteen (the Monochrome World). Spindle nature Fourteen is set down on the methane world, Seven on a planet where the elements are separated into distinct layers, Two on a gigantic planet which has been cut in two, Six on Shaft, Twelve on a world illuminated by a double sun, Nine on a disk world, Four on a planet with the pyramids of a race that has been extinct for a long time, Fifteen on Sloughar, Five on Downunder and Three, Thirteen, Eleven and Eight on other passage worlds. The bodily temperature of the cyberclone, Voltago, increases every time. The spindle (prism) natures discern the isotope H5 on their respective worlds and understand that they must free the energy stocked in the isotope and, as a result, die. Canaxu, Trantar and Knapsack prove to be the planets of origin of the lost spindle (prism) natures. Spindle Nature Ten, that Voltago brings in last on Noman, is disgusted by his domain, which has been ground by an immortal worm of several-kilometer long. When Voltago comes back to the Monochrome World, his bodily temperature has reached 1049░C.

Worried by the unforeseeable continuations of the events, Rhodan supposes that the immortal IT is interested with the ignition of the H5 of the passage worlds coordinated by Mo´ra, having provided a cellular activator to Philip who informed the Galactics about the Great Cosmic Riddle (Enigma). During the flight of the STYX back to Charon, Saedelaere discovers that the radiation emitted by Mo´ra allowed Mila Vandemar to use her psi gift better. Nadja accumulated a dangerous quantity of psionic energy. The STYX reaches the dark world Charon on the 9th October, followed by the ODIN on the 16th. They both land on the surface of Charon.

The BASE, that fled before an attack of the Theans, arrives in orbit over the planet Noman on October 12. The BASE's auxiliary vessels arrive ten days later but remain outside the Daffish System.

To open the access to the other side (the world of the Ayindi), Mo´ra calls the spindle (prism) natures on 31 October and they trigger the simultaneous explosion of the Sampler worlds. The passage worlds are annihilated by a storm of fire. Mila Vandemar is floored by her mirror vision faculty. Nadja can suddenly discern the impressions of her sister's brain. She sees herself attacked by crystalline structures. The mutant's psionic facilities transform their cabin into crystalline dust. Prism spacecraft of twenty-kilometer long appear above the passage worlds. On Charon where the ODIN and STYX have landed, the black sky of the Great Void disappears. Innumerable constellations become visible and three thousand vessels similar to the STYX suddenly stand in orbit.

Michael Mahoney 2017-10-18

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