170 - Im Dschungel der Sterne
In the Star Jungle
Kurt Brand

For once, Perry Rhodan passes a calm evening at home with his friends. However, it is soon interrupted when he is informed that the Shreckworms on Tombstone want a transport to bring three of their own who are ready to lay eggs to a new planet. Because of the agreement signed with the Shreckworms, Rhodan immediately goes into action and gives his orders.

The cruiser Kostana heads toward Tombstone while several Explorers throw themselves into the search for adequate worlds. Having arrived on Tombstone, the Kostana takes aboard the three Shreckworms. So that the new, soon to be born, Shreckworms don't give out a hyper-impulse and warn the Blues, it is decided to couple hypno-tapes recorded by the Shreckworms themselves to symbol-transformers (translators).

The Explorer-5207 discovers several planets in a star cluster which is named Hiesse's Cluster and transmits the coordinates to the Kostana. During the journey, Sergeant Erskine makes several tests with the hypno-tapes that do not seem to work. Some parallel studies take place on Earth. The tapes end up being revealed as good but it still remains to be seen if they function with the symbol-transformers again.

The Kostana sets down two Shreckworms without problems in two systems named Brulab-1 and Brulab-2. In spite of navigation which is made difficult by the gravitational conditions and reigning hyper-energies in Hiesse's Star Cluster, the vessel reached the third planet in the Brulab-3 System.

The Kostana, as on the Earth, experiences some unexpected effects from the hypno-tapes, that, in turn, has dramatic results. Some hypnotic impulses are given out. On Earth, the personnel of a research laboratory feel the impulse to leave their location but they are easily and quickly taken care of. Unfortunately, the crew of the Kostana is not as lucky on the fourth planet of the system, where the last Shreckworm has just been set down.

The captain, Clark Yak, is the first man to recover his senses but, horrified, he sees the Kostana take off suddenly and explode in full flight. The survivors are then attacked relentlessly by an unknown enemy who has primitive weapons and who does not hesitate to use a few atomic grenades. All of the crew of the Kostana is killed, but Captain Yak has time to send out an SOS with minicoms which are plugged together in a series.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-28

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