168 - Die Eisfalle
The Ice Trap
William Voltz

From data recovered by the Copenhagen, the planet Gatas in the Verth system is discovered. It is an overcrowded world. The great fertility of the Blues is the reason for their thirst for expansion. In the first days of June 2327 the Tristan secretly lands on the fourteenth planet of the Verth System, a frozen world. The vessel hides itself in the layer of ice. It is in contact by transmitter with the station ESS-1, a Terran base in the Lysso System. When the Tristan is discovered by the Blues, the crew flees by transmitter. Forty-nine men, among them the commander Mos Hakru and the specialist of the USO Melbar Kasom, remain and are captured by the Blues. Lieutenant Don Kilmacthomas is the only one to remain free and sacrifices himself in order to inform the station on the fate of the prisoners.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-28

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