167 - Spione von der Erde
Spies from the Earth
Kurt Mahr

Kody, the captured Blue, can not be saved in spite of an operation. The Solar Defense decides to send a vessel to establish a base in the zone of Blues influence. Torav Drohner, commander of the Copenhagen, is chosen for this mission. His team is endowed with hypno-mechanical projectors giving them the appearance of the Blues. The Copenhagen penetrates into the Pahl system where the planet Apas, one of the main worlds of the Blues, is located. After having diverted the attention of a Blue’s ship by exploding a nuclear bomb from afar, the Copenhagen lands on Kohnla, the sixth planet of the system. It is hidden in a cavity. Above the ship an illusion is created simulating the soil of the desert.

On March 4, 2327, a small scoutship, with Torav Drohner, Fellmer Lloyd, Tako Kakuta and Hauka Leroy, the second officer of the Copenhagen, aboard, travels to Apas. After having destroyed a monitoring station on an island, it lands far from all dwellings.

Ipotheey, “Commissioner of the Eighteen Securities” on Apas, is informed of the destruction of the island when he receives a visit from Iül-Theer-Hij, a Gatasian Blue responsible for the secret police. The destruction is assumed to be sabotage. Hij gives Ipotheey the job of solving the problem as soon as possible. As soon as Iul-Theer-Hij leaves, Ipotheey sees a man close to the window, although he didn't see him enter. Tako Kakuta, under the protection of the hypno-mechanical projector, passes himself off as a member of the resistance in order to get the position of the astronomical guidance station but he betrays himself while turning the head, an unknown gesture to the Blues.

The Terrans get settled in a small apartment where they receive a visit from the police. They are all arrested and incarcerated.

The Blue Hürüt Iirp has witnessed the landing of the Copenhagen on Kohnla and he warns his superiors. But they send a squadron to destroy the Terran vessel, thus showing their contempt for Hurut Iirp’s life. The Blue warns the Terrans, and the Copenhagen takes off before it can be destroyed by the Blues, carrying away Hürüt Iirp with them.

Iül-Theer-Hij makes contact with the Terran prisoners and he tells them that he understands the principle of the hypno-mechanical projector. The prisoners discover that they are in fact inside a guidance station. They succeed in escaping, taking Iül-Theer-Hij as hostage. They are successful in seizing some elaborate data but then a Gatasian vessel lands close by. Columns of police also approach.

Tako Kakuta arrives to recover the scoutship with which they came to Apas and the Terrans make it back to the Copenhagen.

The operation is a complete success. They bring back six prisoners and the galactic position of Gatas, the main world of the Blues.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-28

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