166 - Im Labyrinth von Eysal
In the Labyrinth of Eysal
Kurt Mahr

Scientists who are studying the underground facilities of Eysal run into the Huldvollen. The aliens have short bodies, but they are of a slender shape. Their long arms have four fingers and three thumbs. Their head is in the shape of a saucer which is endowed with four eyes and rests on a very thin neck. The mouth is found in the neck. Since their body is covered with a blue fur, they are named the Blues by the Terrans. After a fight the scientists capture a Blue and call a vessel of the Fleet for help. The Terrans learn that the Blues who constructed the facilities on Eysal belong to the people of Apas. The labyrinth is part of an ancient attempt by the Apasians to break the molkex monopoly held by the Gatasians who are the Blues presently in power. They secured some Shreckworms that they dropped off on several planets. The facilities on Eysal only have the mission to trigger the hatching of eggs on faraway planets by means of hypergravity waves. Because the Apasians have since made peace with the Gatasians the installation was forgotten. When Lemy Danger activated it accidentally, someone on Apas remembered the ancient project and an expedition was sent to Eysal.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-27

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