1651 - Am Rand der Großen Leere
On the Edge of the Great Void
H.G. Francis

The BASIS and the fleet have arrived at the edge of the Great Void, at the pulsar Borgia. Senta Gorgus, the commander of one of the BASIS's ships notices strange blue crystals growing on her skin. Although she consults one of the medical robots, and though it can detect no risk from the crystals, she never the less keeps quiet about the crystas as she is worried that she will be confined to quarters and miss the first action after the three years of the vovage.

The Galactics detect three objects that appear to be caught in close to the pulsar, two pyramid ships and a more box like one. Rhodan leads a mission to investigate them with Senta Gorgus and her ship.

Their investigations lead some to conclude that the space ships are actually tombs and that they hold the remains of some intelligent beings. They find tantalising clues in the first two ships they explore - the two pyramid shaped one and then in the third they find the mumified remains of six beings. They also find a computer system and endeavour to access the information contained in it. They succeed in decoding some of the records held in the computer which contains references to the great void and it also seems possible that the ships might have been the tombs of some rulers, possibly joined in death by their subjects.

Senta Gorgus uses robots to take charge of the situation, using a paralysor on Rhodan, she is determined that the aliens entombed in the ships will be sent on to their final resting place as the records indicated was their desire. She arranges for the three objects to be dropped into the Pulsar. Once this is done she collaspes, RHodan notices that she is almost covered in blue crystals, just like some of the objects they saw on the alien ships. The crystals fall from her body and she recovers, it is obvious to all that she was under some sort of control.

Andrew Fullen 2007-09-14

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