165 - Kontaktschiff Terrania
Contact-Ship Terrania
Kurt Brand

After Hercules' destruction the Shreckworm Peterle declares himself ready to bring the Terrans to his world of origin. The cruiser Terrania reaches the planet Tombstone in the system of Leyden's Star in the east sector of the galaxy. Determining that it is the planet that was missing in the observatory of the Ancient Ones, Leyden understands that Tombstone is also a part of the Suprahet but that it has followed a different evolutionary path. Because of the hunger of the Hornterrors the planet has lost eighty percent of its mass during that time. This forced the Shreckworms to accept the proposition of the Huldvollen to bring their eggs to other worlds provided that, in turn, the Shreckworms let them take a large part of the molkex. Leyden succeeds in winning the confidence of the ten thousand Shreckworms on Tombstone who initially considered Peterle a traitor. Leyden demands that the Terrans transport them instead of the Huldvollen. The Terrans will do this for nothing in return. The only price - the Shreckworms must remain neutral in the conflict between the two Imperiums. Ooff, the spokesman of the Shreckworms, accepts. A vessel of the Huldvollen attracted by the presence of the Terrania on Tombstone is projected into the sun by the Shreckworms.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-27

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