164 - Im Bann des Riesenplaneten
In the Ban of the Giant Planet
Kurt Brand

On Impos scientists of Ex-2115 study the observatory of the Ancient Ones. Since the gravitational shock wave triggered on Eysal on August 4, 2326, a strange modification of gravity and mass has taken place on the gigantic planet Hercules. The Singing Mountain containing the facilities of the Ancient Ones is the only place which escapes the tremors threatening the moon. Tyll Leyden and his colleagues discover a great emptiness in the Milky Way observatory.

At the end of December 2326, the modifications of the gigantic planet amplify themselves. The scientists receive an automatic message from the Ancient Ones. It warns them of a creature called the Suprahet that destroyed a few whole systems in the Milky Way 1.2 millions years ago. It was neutralized by the Ancient Ones but it now begins to awaken again. Leyden understands that Hercules is in fact composed of molkex and that it is about to consolidate and take the shape of the Suprahet. Leyden confirms that the wakening of the Suprahet must take place on January 5, 2327. Perry Rhodan evacuates Impos on January 4 and explodes eighty five thousand gravity bombs and three hundred thousand arkon bombs on the gigantic planet. Hercules is projected into hyperspace with its sun.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-26

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