163 - Das zweite Imperium
The Second Imperium
Clark Darlton

While the Shreckworm Peterle is brought aboard the Eric Manoli, the fleet of the United Imperium is confronted by the Huldvollen who represent a second great Imperium located in the east sector of the Milky Way. A barge tries to bring the captured hostile vessel to safety but the armor of molkex dissolves during the flight. At the same moment, Ras Tschubai and Pucky shrink to the atomic level while trying to teleport themselves onto a vessel of the Huldvollen. A Terran cruiser attacks the vessel and the two mutants are projected by the shot to a planet whose sun becomes a nova. The eruption that they try to avoid by teleportation returns them to their normal size and projects them into space. The teleporters discover an identical vessel to the one that the Theodoric met in 2104. They explore it and find some humanoid robots. They then call the Solar Fleet that comes to their aid. The robot vessel escapes.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-26

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