162 - Der Pakt mit dem Tod
The Pact With Death
William Voltz

The Eric Manoli doesn't find the Carbula or the four Specialists in the Euthet System. Instead they discover on Euhja a message from Brent Firgolt that causes Perry Rhodan to trigger the alarm for the Fleet on December 26, 2326. He expects a confrontation with the unknown aliens.

While turmoil develops in the United Imperium, the Shreckworm aboard the vessel of the Huldvollen makes contact with Brent Firgolt with the help of a symbol transformer belonging to the Specialists. It tells the Terrans that it must kill them to protect the secret of the intelligence of its race. However, it grants them a time limit if they help it to take control of the vessel, which it is not physically capable of doing itself. The Specialists sabotage the linear drive and call Terran vessels to help repulse the Huldvollen. The Shreckworm wants to kill the four Terrans before they reveal their knowledge but it gives up when it learns that Firgolt has already released the information regarding its intelligence back on Euhja. The Eric Manoli finally appears to take aboard the Specialists and the Shreckworm now named Peterle (Little Peter). Vessels of the Huldvollen emerge at this moment.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-26

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