161 - Vier von der USO
Four From the USO
William Voltz

Nathan affirms that the vessels of the unknown race (Huldvollen) are made invulnerable by a coating of molkex and that the Shreckworms have a certain intelligence.

On December 17, 2326, Specialists of the USO - Brent Firgolt, Elmer Warren, Aldo Kopenziack and Claude Collignot - land on Euhja, the third planet of the star Euthet, to study a young Shreckworm. Hornterrors had been brought here by the imprudent Aras. The Shreckworm developed fourteen days earlier than on worlds where there were already eggs of the Hornterrors.

Men notice that the monster comports itself with reason. On its side, the Shreckworm, which in fact is highly intelligent, studies the four aliens for whom it feels respect. When Firgolt is threatened by a marine monster the Shreckworm saves his life and thus reveals the intelligence of its race, which constitutes a big secret.

The Shreckworm, which possesses the collective knowledge of its race, feels hate towards the Huldvollen. Shreckworms depend on the Huldvollen for their reproduction. A vessel of the Huldvollen covered with molkex, that the Shreckworm called with hyperimpulses, arrives in the Euthet system and destroys the Carbula, the vessel of the USO. When it lands on Euhja to take the Shreckworm, it kills the crew.

The four specialists of the USO climb aboard. While the vessel leaves automatically for an unknown goal they discover the Shreckworm in the control center.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-26

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