1607 - Im Leerraum gestrandet
Stranded In Empty Space
Robert Feldhoff

On 20 March 1200 NGE, Philip returns to the Earth with six other Ennox. They are named by the Terrans (Bell) Hollow Head, Anna, Empress, Nina, Number 5 and Grandpa Ernesto. While promising to offer them a good spectacle, Reginald Bell convinces all seven Ennox to serve as messengers. In addition to a small box they can also take a second object. At the time of their missions the strange visitors also wander in search of entertainment on the Earth.

On January 10, the ODIN is thrown back into the normal space by the appearance of the Dead Zone. Rhodan and his crew are now faced with a three-month flight to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to their location. On board the ODIN, the crew tries to replace as many of the syntrons as possible with positronic units. On January 15, the ODIN departs for the space station of the Leauge of Free Terrans located in the Alpha Centauri System utilizing its emergency sub-light propulsion system. Before Philip appears on the ODIN on January 21, Voltago detects his impending arrival. When the clone meets the Ennox his face shows a fast succession of people from different races. Philip brings medicine from the ODIN to the station at Alpha Centauri since Perry Rhodan’s vessel has been constantly receiving its distress calls. When Philip comes back to Earth on March 25 the crystal-recording that Bell had hidden in Philip's clothes by the pickpocket Lychtenbach contains only an ironic commentary from the Ennox. Philip disappears. On March 31, Bell sends Ephrem, one of the ten newly arrived Ennoxes, to the ODIN with a compact positronic computer. This time Voltago doesn’t show any reaction. He only announces that the Ennox are distorted mentally.

Michael Mahoney 2015-09-02

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