1606 - Der Spieler und die Kartanin
The Player And The Kartanin
Robert Feldhoff

In 1179 NGE, Dao-Lin-H'ay, the Galactic Councilwoman for all the races of the Hangay Galaxy, leaves the Humanodrome in the Milky Way, tired of the bureaucracy, in order to put an end to the conflict between two alien races of Hangay - the Vennok and the Mamositu. This conflict has been triggered by the Kartanin Family Lung. She acts in the name of the High Woman Mei-Mei-H'ai who leads the Kartanin government in the Pinwheel Galaxy. On the eve of her departure Dao-Lin-Hay sends a message to Ronald Tekener letting him know that she has left for Hangay. The Terran, who has become aware of his deep feelings for the Kartanin, sets out immediately for the Humanodrome. He doesn't find Dao-Lin-H'ay and follows her to Hangay. On Hollerdass, the only planet of the sun Holler, Dao-Lin-H'ay convinces Zhu-Go-L'ung to withdraw from Hangay with her people. Dao-Lin-Hay gives Zhu-Go-Lung a position of power by naming her as her representative thereby insuring a place in the Council of the High Women. In effect, Zhu-Go-Lung has become her vassal in the Kartanin government in the Pinwheel Galaxy.

Tekener arrives on the planet Hollerdass after Dao-Lin-Hay has secured the peace between the Vennok and the Mamositu. They declare their love for each other and decide to work together in order to bring about the unification of the Hangay and Pinwheel galaxies. Dao-Lin-H'ay acts at home in the Pinwheel Galaxy while the Galactic Gambler (Player) accumulates influence in the Kansahariyya on the planet Vinau which assures the alliance of the twenty-two races of the Hangay Galaxy. Through daring actions, he reunifies and pacifies the Haure. He puts an end to the attacks of the Vennok on the worlds of the Benguels. In the following decade Dao-Lin-H'ay and Tekener put an end to the matriarchal structure of the Kartanins of Pinwheel, as well as the Patriarchy of the Kartanins of Hangay. They unite the scattered groups of Kartanin in both galaxies until they consider themselves all as one unified Kartanin coalition.

After the creation of the Dead Zone in 1200 NGE, the Kartanin and the Terran leave for the Milky Way with the NJALA of Dao-Lin-H'ay and another Kartanin ship, the GUNAU. They reach Olymp on March 20 and meet the Blue-Tentra scientist Cailman Tzyk. He has discovered some movements in the hyperspatial spectrum of the Dead Zone. He sees this as proof that the Dead Zone is manipulated by an unknown power. Without authorization and to the surprise of both Tekener and Dao-Lin-Hay, the GUNAU penetrates into the Dead Zone and, as a result, the contact is lost with it. At the same moment Theta of Ariga announces the presence of mysterious invaders on board of the ATLANTIS.

Michael Mahoney 2015-09-01

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