1605 - Besucher aus dem Irgendwo
Visitor From Somewhere
Peter Terrid

By March 1200 NGE the situation on the Earth has stabilized. On March 2 Reginald Bell and Julian Tifflor leave for Mars with the G-3428, a Gazelle dating from the year 3428 and, thus, equipped with four-dimensional technology which is still functional. Because of the hyperparesis a terra-forming project on Mars is out of control. Some monstrous plants rapidly advance from the terra-forming site and threaten inhabited zones. The genetic engineer Tyler Danning, the person responsible for the original conception of the terra-forming project and its unusual plants, is the only one who is able to save the inhabitants of Mars.

Unfortunately, Danning is in danger of dying with the other people on the space station Neptune Orbiter IX due to the failure of all five-dimensional technology. The water provisions, which are also used to produce the oxygen for the station, have nearly run out. To the surprise of all, an Ennox emerges out of thin air on the station. He searches for Bell in order to learn the end of the joke that he had told him at the time of their meeting on Wanderer many years before. His unusual and abusive way of speaking to others, along with his overall look of neglect, stuns the crew of the Neptune Orbiter who name him Philip. When he learns that Bell might be on Mars, the Ennox Philip appears on that planet thru his unusual means of transportation which is apparently unaffected by the hyperparesis present in the Dead Zone. On Mars, Philip meets the desperate engineers fighting the monster plants of the terra-forming project. Unsuccessful on Mars, Philip finally locates Bell on Titan. He confirms the suspicions of Tifflor that there exist several individuals of his race. He transmits to Bell the urgent demand of the Martian terra-forming engineers to rescue Danning trapped on the Neptune Orbiter station. Philip also tells Bell and Tifflor that at the time of his instantaneous displacements he can transport only dead matter up to about half of his own mass. He asks Bell to tell him the end of the joke but Bell has forgotten it. When an old man tells the joke in its entirety the Ennox promises to aide the Terrans in the present crisis.

A space jet, the SJ-3428, reaches the Neptune Orbiter whose inhabitants were able to survive by withdrawing water from several cadavers on board. In addition, those in command of of the station discover extra tanks of pure oxygen from Mars although the station had been equipped on Earth. It is assumed that Philip dropped them off at the station without anyone seeing him. Tyler Danning is successfully rescued and can return to Mars to take up the fight against the monster plants of the terra-forming project.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-24

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