1604 - Der Fluch von Rubin
The Curse Of Ruby
H.G. Francis

During the last twenty-five years Roi Danton fought for the justice in different galaxies of the Local Group. He cultivated an intense exchange of thoughts with Dorina Vaccer. The Pacificationist eventually stopped in order to take care of her people. On Taumond, Roi Danton puts an end to drug trafficking behind which hides the Anti writer Bastar-Stredan. The Anti hates the Terrans because they are responsible for the loss of her peopleís power and the disappearance of their parapsychic faculties. She hides in Roi Dantonís ship, the MONTEGO BAY, to take vengeance.

When the Dead Zone appears, the son of Perry Rhodan joins Atlanís group on Olymp. Four weeks later, the MONTEGO BAY, the BLUE-TENTRA and the Anti cruiser GALACTAPTULS leave for Roiís System that shortly before left the drifting Dead Zone. Roi Danton wants to help the inhabitants of the planet Ruby which he discovered many years in the past. At that time he brought its civilization to a high level of development specialized in the mining and processing of howalgonium. Bastar-Stredan kills a crew member of the MONTEGO BAY but remains hidden. The Anti scientist Sasta-Punal, captain of the GALACTAPTULS, feels that he has been chosen to bring back his people to its past greatness. He wants to become the High Bŗalol. He reaches Ruby first with the GALACTAPTUL and is temporarily trapped in the Dead Zone whose borders move irregularly. The other two ships eventually catch up and land at the main space harbor on Ruby. After the landing Sasta-Punal acts with a manipulator on the stocks of howalgonium on Ruby. However, the planetís stay in the Dead Zone modified the howalgonium. The howalgoniumís radiance increases the psi strengths of the Antis, which allows Bastar-Stredan to escape from the MONTEGO BAY after another murder and, ultimately, to reach the GALACTAPTUL. The Antis direct the energy of the howalgonium toward the MONTEGO BAY, the BLUE-TENTRA and the QUEEN LIBERTY, another ship which has also arrived on Ruby. The energy beam immobilizes them and charges them with energy until the three ships are nearly at the doorstep of destruction. In order to prevent the disaster Danton penetrates into the GALACTAPTUL. He is immediately captured but he discovers that the manipulated howalgonium damages the decision-making abilities and the activities of the Antis. He asks the Rubians by radio to bring the howalgonium into the GALACTAPTUL. Although much of the ore has been seized by the members of a new anti-technology sect on Ruby, the engineers Ketrion and And transport an important quantity of the oscillating quartz onto the vessel of the Antis. Danton escapes from the GALACTAPTUL before Sasta-Punal orders it to take off in order to protect his crew from the effects of the howalgonium. When he disconnects the energy manipulator, the immense amount of energy that has collected in the three vessels on the planetís surface flows back into the Anti cruiser which then explodes.

Over time, the howalgonium returns to its normal state.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-23

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