1602 - Spurensuche im All
Trace-Search In The Universe
Clark Darlton

At the time of the festivities on 31 December 1199 NGE celebrating the change of the century, Pucky discovers in a projection of the Milky Way in the night sky over Terrania four yellow points which quickly disappear. Since Pucky is the only one who sees the points, he interprets it as the immortal's sign for his quest for the two recipients of the remaining cell activator chips. During the redistribution of immortality in 1174 NGE, the superintelligence IT held back two cell activator chips and gave Pucky an order: find the two future activator bearers within a quarter of a century. He hopes that it is about fellows members of his race who disappeared from the planet History. The mouse-beaver remembers having seen the same picture already in February in an oval construction on the planet Cuelamaz, inhabited by primitive Blues. However, for the most part, over the past 25 years Pucky has been repeatedly unsuccessful in pursuing the clues provided by IT.

On 2 January 1200, Pucky, Alaska Saedelaere, whose melancholy turns into optimism, Selma Laron, a detection specialist, and the young pilot Eduard Morris leave with the Gazelle GECKO for the former Yolschor nebula which was indicated by the projection. On a planet without a name Pucky and his companions are contacted by the immortal disguised in the shape of an animal. Some indigenous simian-like natives indicate to them a yellow sun with only one planet as the possible location of the unknown activator recipients. When they reach this planet, Pucky names the desert world Tramp II because of its resemblance with his native planet. A grouping of shacks is discovered. Some Terran colonists built them sixteen years earlier. Pucky meets the immortal again and interprets a field of carrots as an indication from the Superintelligence on the existence of surviving Ilts. In subterranean chambers beneath the abandoned Terran colony, the four companions finally discover that the colonists fled in August 1199 before a power which was trying to steal their intelligence. Pucky and his team finally leave the planet Tramp II, which the original Terran colonists named Saira, and choose to wait at the edge of the system hoping to get another sign from the superintelligence.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-18

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