1601 - 10. Januar 1200
10th January 1200
Kurt Mahr

On 10 January 1200 at 5:33 all devices functioning on a five-dimensional basis break down. This includes all metagrav propulsion systems, hypersensors, syntrons, transmitters and hypercoms. Fortunately, the devices deactivate themselves safely or immediately activate protective measures so that there are few deaths. The speed of light decreases to nine meters per second. The other natural constants, which are in fact the projections of five-dimensional constants, also have changed.

With an antique Gazelle equipped with nuclear propulsion, Reginald Bell and Roi Danton travel from Titan to the Earth. Meanwhile, humanity quickly learns to improvise in order to live with the disaster. Joshu Ionson and Lep Wagner of the Summit Company as well as Boris Siankow and the vagabond Joe Vermouth equip some antigrav gliders with wheels and electric motors. On January 22 Siankow returns to Titan where Myles Kantor experiments without success on linear propulsion systems. Supported by Kantor and his wife Kallia Nedrun, the nexialist works on his hyperspatial equations. He learns that some instabilities occur as a result of the hyperspace trying to come back to its original state. The thesis of Siankow leans on the discovery of a fleet of Springers that reached the Solar System by sub-light flight. A probe disappears in such an instability on January 23. The 31, a hangar where Joe Vermouth is, also disappears

Ionson and Wagner soon hear the voice of Vermouth who speaks from a window where he can see the office of the Summit Company through a strange mist.

On the Earth rumors spread claiming that the origin of the disaster is due to the refusal of the statute of the Knights of the Abyss by Perry Rhodan and Atlan.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-07

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