160 - Der Spiegel des Grauens
The Mirror of Horror
Kurt Mahr

Two women and eight men of the Galactic Defense land on the planet Zannmalon to procure samples of molkex, the secretion produced at the time of the separation of the Hornterrors. They find Zannmalon covered with a molkex layer and discover some exhausted Hornterrors changing into molkex. The molkex resists all attempts to either cut it up or to split it with acid. The Terrans see a Shreckworm born from a great amount of molkex.

Suddenly, vessels emerge of the same type as those observed at Nytet. They take the molkex and fifteen young Shreckworms aboard. When the vessels leave Zannmalon, a sonic storm falls upon the men and women. It is caused by an underground facilities machine already discovered by the crew of the Ex-3218. The Terrans must destroy the mysterious machine to save themselves.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-26

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