16 - Die Geister von Gol
The Ghosts of Gol
Kurt Mahr

(December 1975) Rhodan has concluded that a hyperspace disturbance will be the next sign from the immortal for them to follow, and dispatches the eight auxiliary ships ("guppies") of the Stardust to scour the Vega system to watch for it. The guppy piloted by Captain Chaney reports the first of a series of disturbances, whose origins are traced back to huge 14th planet of the system, which Bull gives the name Gol.

Despite the extreme and hostile conditions of weather, atmosphere and excessive gravity (more than 900 times that of earth), Rhodan pursues the disturbances to their source. Luminous, cloud like, semi-intelligent life forms populate the planet. They are drawn to and consume the energy of the Stardust and the reconnaissance vehicles. Although initially repulsed, these energy forms swarm the expedition team on Gol and infiltrate the Stardust. Just as they are on the verge of overcoming the Terrans, Rhodan reaches and enters an obelisk on the planet's surface, which is the source of the space disturbances. Having met and succeeded in this latest challenge, the Stardust and the expedition team are instantaneously transported to an unknown galaxy of 56 stars outside the Milky Way.

Mark J. Golden 2007-07-13

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