159 - Gucky, der Großwildjäger
Pucky, the Big Game Hunter
Kurt Brand

Nytet is one of the two hundred seventy-six inhabited worlds overrun by the Hornterrors. Close to the planet the Posbi vessel Box-394 discovers a large unknown vessel about three hundred meters long. Devoid of a protective shield, it somehow resists transformer cannon shots. It leaves without suffering any damage. The crew of the Tudor, the Terran ship that landed on Nytet, doesn’t spot any Hornterrors or any of the extract they produce at the time of their reproduction. They find instead three young Shreckworms. Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Tako Kakuta, Tama Yokida and the crew of the Tudor try to capture one of them with heavy nets of terkonite steel. During the capture attempt, they detect the monster emitting hyperimpulses from the solar system.

Thirty-eight unknown vessels emerge and attack the Terrans and the Posbis. When the Tudor tries to take its people aboard, one of the Shreckworms destroys itself as well as half of the vessel.


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