158 - Die Geißel der Galaxis
The Scourge of the Galaxy
Clark Darlton

Numerous planets are invaded by the Hornterrors freed by the hyperenergetic shock wave.

Hornterrors brought secretly aboard the Assor by Professor Nordmann, one of the scientists of the Explorer-3218, free themselves and invade the vessel. Since one is not able to control them once they multiply, the vessel is abandoned and cast into a sun named Schonepalís Star. The crew takes refuge on the second planet named Hirosha since there are traces of a nuclear war. They discover a large version of the Hornterrors, eventually named the Shreckworms, brought there by an unknown race - a living copy identical to the cadaver in the caves of Zannmalon. The long worm of twenty meters displaces itself by long jumps. It can absorb all ray beams and can project some energizing rays in return. It threatens the shipwrecked victims but then is destroyed by a catalytic fusion bomb from the Cantor which has come to help. The Shreckworm made contact with the Hornterrors of the Assor by means of hyperwaves. The Terrans discover on Hirosha a system of caves with eggs of the Hornterrors and machines similar to those on Zannmalon. When the Hornterrors hatch and begin to spread themselves, the Cantor leaves Hirosha.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-25

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