157 - Explorer in Not
Explorer In Trouble
Clark Darlton

On August 1, 2326, the Explorer-3218 lands on Zannmalon, in the Ex-Zanma system, a star on the galactic periphery. At the time of the exploration of the planet scientists discover in an underground installation remainders of a gigantic creature with short limbs and a head around five meters in diameter, as well as innumerable purple pods of ten centimeters in length and of great toughness. The hyperenergetic shock wave triggered by Lemy Danger on Eysal puts machines in action. The pods end up hatching creatures that are shaped like caterpillars, move themselves by springing and replicate themselves very quickly by fission. They emit a thick colorless fluid. The creatures, named Hornterrors, can, while secreting an acid, dissolve all materials. They reproduce and spread out over the entire planet. Only the simultaneous shooting of several weapons can kill them.

The commander of the EX-3218 (which is destroyed by the Hornterrors), Jak Schonepal, and his men must retreat until Perry Rhodan and the Assor, attracted by their calls of distress, appear and take aboard the survivors.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-25

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