156 - Lemy und der Krötenwolf
Lemy And The Toadwolf
K.H. Scheer

In June 2326, nineteen of the twenty-five cell activators of the immortal (IT) have been found and are now in Terran hands. They have been assigned to important persons of the Solar Imperium, especially the mutants.

The telekin and activator bearer Anne Sloane is drawn to Eysal, the second planet of the sun Eyciteo, populated by degenerate Arkonide descendants. An Explorer vessel has detected the energizing radiations of nuclear machines. Anne Sloane is sent along with the Specialist Ebrolo, an Anti. Ebrolo kills the mutant and seizes the cellular activator. Atlan, disguised as a blind beggar, and Melbar Kasom, camouflaged as a gladiator, launch themselves on the track of the traitor, helped by Lemy Danger. They are confronted by priests of Bàalol who control Eysal by means of the cult of Kulan. They follow the Chief Priest Mahana-Kul, who has, in the meantime, taken the activator from Ebrolo. They soon discover under the temple of Kulan a labyrinth with alien machines. On August 4, 2326, at the time of the fight with the Anti, Lemy Danger destroys the cellular activator. This activates the machines of the labyrinth that send out hyperenergetic waves of great strength.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-24

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