154 - Der Gehetzte von Aralon
The Hunted Of Aralon
William Voltz

Hendrik Vouner can move around on the greatly populated planet Aralon, because his pursuers Hefner-Seton and Sorgun don't bother to inform anyone about the cell activator so that they themselves can seize it. Tabes, the chief of the Counsel of Aralon Physicians learns the truth after having interrogated Sorgun. Sometimes with great difficulties and doubtful means Vouner finally reaches the Terran base Doun and identifies himself to the respresentative of Earth as the bearer of an activator. Perry Rhodan arrives on Aralon. Vouner, whose activator made him a hunted loner, met only distrust and violence. Without debate, he gives the device to Rhodan and receives ten millions solars.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-24

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