153 - Eine Handvoll Leben
A Handful Of Life
William Voltz

The Terran cargo ship Olira, on the way to the Blue System, must interrupt its linear flight in the Velander system following sabotage. When impulses of a cell activator are detected on the second planet, the Olira goes there. At the time of the landing a mutiny forces the vessel to crash. The only survivor is Hendrik Vouner, a specialist in metallurgy. Because of his previous failures he had wanted to emigrate to Sphinx. He seizes the cell activator.

He is pursued by the crew of the Ara vessel Kotark which is also attracted to the planet by impulses from the activator. Vouner succeeds in penetrating the vessel and forcing the Galactic Physicians, Hefner-Seton and Sorgun, to bring him to Earth. The two Aras succeed in deceiving the Terran. They reach the system of Kesnar and land on Aralon. When Vouner learns of it, he leaves the vessel and hides himself on the planet.

Michael Mahoney 2005-02-24

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