1525 - Methanwelt Antau I
Methane world Antau 1
H.G. Francis

The Alpha Carinae and the Pi Lupi, two spaceships stationed on Fogha, one of the control stations of the Cantaro network, spot the materialization of eighteen space ships and immediately send a signal to the Earth. Nikki Frickel and her cres arrive shortly thereafter, hoping to track down the strangers who destroyed the Loreto. Unfortunately, it's too late and the two spaceships have been destroyed. Frickel finds out that the strangers are headed for the Provcon Faust cloud.

Nikki Frickel is soon joined by Reginald Bull and Julian Tifflow in the Invek system. One of the eighteen spaceships appears to have been damaged during their attack of the Alpha Carinae and made a crash landing on Antau, a gas planet.

Nikki Frickel locates the space ship, which turns out to be a Truillau vessel, but they are captured by its captin, Sin-I-Sor, who explains that they are serving the Powerful Zerpat. The eighteen space ships were sent in the Milk Way in order to report about the events. The Truillau space ship is then attacked by a mysterious energy creature that was once stranded on this planet as a punishment. The Truillau space ship is destroyed and Nikki Frickel and her crew come back to their space ship with Sin-I-Sor. Unfortunately, the Truillau captain commits suicide shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, Rhodan has arrived with a fleet of fifty-five spaceships and makes way for Provcon-Faust, after learning that the Nakks are predicting that Wanderer might soon materialize there.

Cedric Beust 2012-08-24

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