1524 - Die Uhren von Wanderer
The hours of Wanderer
Ernst Vlcek

On November 3rd, 1170, Rhodan asks for the Nakks' assistance in finding It. Sato Ambush and Eirene talk to the Nakks on behalf of Rhodan while on the Earth, Kelamar Tesson announces that the mission of the nine Linguide pacifiers on the nine planets is coming to an end. Rhodan tells the Linguide that they will only receive nine tenths of the information they asked about Wanderer.

Rhodan meets flies the Odin to the Techma sector where he meets the Nakk Willom. Willom invites Rhodan on board and tells the Terran that he's going to show him information about Wanderer. As Rhodan is about to board the Nakk's spaceship, he finds himself teleported on Wanderer.

On Wanderer, Rhodan lives through several eras, the latest one being 6050 before the common era. He realizes that It itself seems to believe that 6050 BC is the current time. Rhodan makes his way to the main city of Wanderer and when he finally meets It, the super intelligence doesn't recognize him. Rhodan sees a cell activator and tells It that it belongs to him, but the super intelligence discards Rhodan's remark, saying that the bearer of this activator hasn't been born yet.

Rhodan is then teleported back to the Odin on November 20th.

Cedric Beust 2012-08-24

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